The Hague University of Applied Sciences has more than 25,000 students and 1,800 staff members who come from over 145 different countries. We believe that it is important to tap into the professional world to give our students true life experiences. Our international Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes are constantly updated to reflect developments and changes in business and industry. The programmes also encourage students to become independent thinkers and to explore other people’s perspectives, through cross-cultural debate and teamwork. We offer 47 fulltime Bachelor’s programmes of which 9 are entirely in English and 7 master’s programmes of which 3 are in English. We specialise our programmes in the areas of Technology, Innovation Society, Healthcare and Sports, ICT & Media, Education, Economics, Law, Safety and Security. Furthermore we offer research areas (research groups or ‘lectorates’ in a wide range of fields).

In the 2014 Institutional Strategic Plan “Global Citizens in a Learning Society”, The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) states the ambition to be the most international institution of its kind in The Netherlands by 2020. It’s aim is to prepare students to become global citizens. Through internationalisation, students must become interculturally competent in a world characterised by interconnectivity. THUAS has students from many nationalities and cultural backgrounds. There are contacts and partnerships with universities throughout the globe.

We aim to have graduates with an open, curious and respectful attitude towards other cultures, other world views, and other ways of reasoning and acting. Students should finish their course of study with a sense of responsibility for the world, with knowledge of their profession in an international context and of their own and other cultures, with adequate linguistic competences and with the skills to observe, analyse and reflect on their experiences.

All academies of THUAS have developed plans to implement the central policy of the institution: to do baseline studies, to ensure that students and staff acquire international competencies , and to attract and satisfy the international students needed to realize our international profile, the quality of education and research, and the International Classroom. It is with this strategy in mind that the department of Marketing at the Faculty of Business, Finance and Marketing is continuously on the outlook for interesting partners for student exchange and international collaboration projects.

THUAS has a centre of research and development on international cooperation. Focus point is research on international and intercultural competences. Teaching material is developed and students and lecturers are trained. The effects of these competences are measured at students, lecturers, alumni and the industry management and Control.

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