Constructionarium was initiated in England in 2002/03, to provide English and Welsh university undergraduates with practical construction experience to complement the theoretical knowledge gained during their civil and built environment degree programmes.

Scottish institutions took part for the first time in 2008, by which time the Constructionarium concept had gained prominent recognition as ‘good practice’ by the Joint Board of Moderators as well as the major construction and consultancy companies in the UK.

Constructionarium (Scotland) Ltd was established as a not-for-profit organization in 2011 as a result of the growing interest among universities and colleges providing degree and higher education programmes in the civil and built environment, as well as other programmes relative to construction (architecture, construction management, quantity surveying, et al).

Since 2002/03, around 12,800 students have participated in England, and around 700 in Scotland since 2008.

The practical training students receive is supported by major contractors and consultants from the industry, and includes health and safety (the prime priority), project and man management, all tasks associated with hands-on construction projects and project costing.  Working as pseudo construction companies, the students carry out the roles of, among others, project manager, health and safety officer, quantity surveyor and the other positions needed to undertake a real construction project.

Projects are based on design and construction of UK national and internationally recognized structures, such as the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield, The Kingsgate Footbridge in Durham and the Torre De Collserola (Barcelona Tower).  Our most recent project, in Scotland, is a Wind Turbine, developed in line with Scotland’s lead in renewable energy.  The planning, construction and erection of 3 turbines will form the nucleus of the first ISP.