27 September 2016 • Door Youri van Vliet

Marketing lecturers Tim Hoppen and Jantien Belt have been awarded an Erasmus+ subsidy for their PEETS project: Promoting excellence in employability and transversal skills. This funding will enable 36 Marketing students to collaborate with students in Scotland and Finland over the next three years.

The subsidy was requested by the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and ‘Constructionarium Ltd’ in Scotland, the Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK) in Finland and THUAS. From now until the end of the decade, 39 students from the three countries will be working together each year on the construction of a mini windmill. For the first four to five months, contact will take place over the Internet, followed by a more intensive study period in Scotland (2017), Finland (2018) and the Netherlands (2019).

‘The project offers students not only the opportunity to develop or further develop their international competencies, but also to collaborate in an interdisciplinary manner,’ say Tim Hoppen and Jantien Belt. ‘The disciplines involved are Business/Marketing (THUAS), Environmental Civil Engineering (GCU) and Technology (LAMK). With the help of an app developed especially for this project – the ‘360 degree International Competencies Audit tool’ – students can measure how well they have developed their international competencies both during and after the project. The project is intended for Marketing students in principle, but if a spot is still available, other students can also take part.’

Interested in the project? Contact Jantien Belt or Tim Hoppen .  Curious whether your degree programme can also receive a subsidy for a similar project? Stop by the Subsidies Office (in Dutch).

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