11 October 2017 • Tim Hoppen

In July of 2016, Jantien Belt and Tim Hoppen (BFM, Marketing degree programme) received Erasmus+ funding for the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary PEETS project (Promoting Excellence in Employability and Transversal Skills).

The project was developed in collaboration with the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and Constructionarium Scotland, as well as the Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK) in Finland. PEETS is all about sustainable energy and aims to stimulate the development of specific skills, thereby promoting the employability of students.

Intensive study project in Glasgow

Thirty-nine students and seven staff members began working on the project in March 2017. The highlight was the ‘intensive study period’ in Glasgow in June 2017, which entailed company visits, lectures, role-playing, activities at a student-run company and an intercultural exchange. Among other things, they visited a windmill park, hydro-electric plant, institute for marine biology and Auchentoshan whisky distillery. The students were also involved in the planning, design and construction of an actual windmill at the student-run company Constructionarium Scotland. There was also plenty of opportunity for cultural immersion, including attending a cèilidh, a traditional Scottish dance.


The students also conducted research, such as subjecting themselves to a 0 and 1 measurement in order to determine which skills they had already developed. The entire project was also evaluated and this showed first and foremost a high level of satisfaction among the students, who gave the project an overall score of 8.3. In addition, no fewer than 86% stated they would definitely recommend the project to other students.

Next academic year

In March 2018, we are going to carry out the project once again, this time with a new group of students and intensive study period in Finland. The PEETS project will conclude here at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in June 2019.

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